Message - Chairman & Managing Director
Our approach to business aims at providing products and services to customer satisfaction. The process to build a respected corporate image of quality and integrity is on at ENESTEE. We believe that excellence can be obtained only by nurturing, developing and empowering our employees; and also by encouraging open atmosphere conducive to learning and teamwork. We steadfastly cultivate talents and develop our own infrastructure for production facilities. These efforts have been appreciated by our clients across the spectrum..

Our focus of developing and maintaining customer relationships is driven by excellence in execution and other business activities. To be conscious of the environment and be friendly with it is the word around the corporate world. ENESTEE is no exception and from the inception we are committed to try and develop products that are not just innovative and stylish but also products that are environment-friendly with lesser energy consumption.

Last three years have not been good for industries across the spectrum; more so for our segment. But we withstood the pressures and upheavels of the market and now we are at the threshold of moving to the next league. Last ten years have generated more goodwill than we asked for and this is the time we start building on the strong foundation that is already built. Two crucial years ahead for us to take the company to higher levels.
I am looking forward to take ENESTEE ENGINEERING to greater heights by seriously incorporating positive feedback received from different customers and associates. Our objectives will also include continuously bring in evolution to our business methods and apply newer technologies to meet the ever-increasing customer needs. In this endeavour, I am more than sure, my colleagues in the Board as well as those working on the floor will support the cause whole-heartedly.
Madhu K. Nair
Chairman & Managing Director


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